Lalor Secondary College is in the process of embedding digital literacy that is relevant across all the learning areas as well as providing eLearning practices in curriculum planning and outcomes.

It is hoped that students at Lalor Secondary College will be effective global learners in multiple virtual environments.

In our ‘1-to-1 Laptop Program’, each learner has the option to bring a portable, networked laptop that can connect each learner with their teacher and other learners or experts, with real-world contexts for learning, multimedia resources, software for learning and online tools and applications.

With a connected, mobile device, learners may be able to communicate with teachers and peers about learning activities. They can respond to and keep records of feedback, including multimedia records of their learning and assessment.

They have anywhere, anytime access to work in progress and evidence of their learning, as well as to personal digital spaces for ongoing reflections on learning.

A 1-to-1 environment can open up new possibilities for learning or make it easier to take advantage existing learning opportunities. Learning can be more active and student centered. 1-to-1 digital devices connect directly with individual learners as they engage with learning activities and collaborate online within and beyond their schools.

All students are encouraged to join the program.

Other Information

The college Netbook program manager is Mr. Michael Georgopoulos and can be contacted on 03-9463-7300 or via email All enquires are welcome.

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