Surname Name Position of Responsibility Email Address
ABSORIATI Abid Teacher Aide
ALI Intiyaz Technology Teacher
ALLAN Heather Music Leader, Music Teacher
AVRAMOSKI Rebecca Receptionist/Sick Bay Attendant
AZZOPARDI Adrian Humanities Teacher
BARROW Kayla English Teacher
BAVCAR Adam Science Teacher
BOURNOXTSIS Bill Maths Teacher
BOWDEN Mark Maths Teacher
BOYCE Dawn Accounts Receivable Officer
BOYCE Debbie Business Manager, HR, OH&S ES Staff Rep
BRITTINGHAM Kate Sports Coordinator, HPE Teacher
BUCKNELL Celeste English / Humanities Teacher
BULLEN Matthew PE Teacher
BUSSELL Krystal Careers Teacher
CAHILL Alan Humanities Teacher
CANALS Andrew School Grounds & Facilities Manager
CANIGLIA Alexander Maths / PE Teacher / House Leader
CARMODY Kathryn Years 11 & 12 Sub-School Leader
CARTISANO Amanda Year 11 Student Manager, Psychology / Humanities Teacher
CECCHINI Roberta Library Technician
CHAWLA Lalita Teacher Aide
CHRISTOU Theo Strategic Operations Leader
CIRILLO Olivia Productions Coordinator, Drama Teacher
COBB David English Teacher
COTTRELL Timothy Assistant Principal Years 7&8
COUSIPETCOS Sophie Teacher Aide
CUJIC Jackie Daily Organiser, VASS / Student Management Administrator
CUNTO Simona LOTE Teacher
DANHER Chris Years 9 & 10 Sub-School Leader, HPE Teacher
DELANEY Claire Inquiry Learning Specialist, Maths / Science Teacher
DESAI Rita Teacher Aide
DOMM Emma Science Key Learning Area Leader, Science teacher
DOWER Emma English Teacher
DUGDALE Kayla Student Data & Absences Administrator, PA to the Principal
DUNCAN Britt Year 7 Student Manager, English / Humanities Teacher
FATOUROS Ivy English Teacher
FLASKAS Georgia Library / English Teacher
FORSTER Laura Assistant Principal, Year 11 & 12
FOSTER Melanie Student Programs Leader, English / Humanities Teacher
GAMAKUMARA Sidd Maths Teacher
GARTH Lucas Technology Learning Specialist, IT Teacher
GEORGE Mitchell Library Technician
GEORGIESKI Stephanie Teacher Aide
GEORGIOPOULOS Michael IT Service Desk Manager
GULBAYRAK Ecehan Literacy Learning Specialist, Legal Teacher
GULINA Maurizio LOTE Teacher
GUPTA Preeti Teacher Aide
HAMMOUD Ahlem Business Management / Humanities Teacher
HILL Simon Year 12 Student Manager, Science Teacher
HOPWOOD Thomas English / Humanities / BOOST Teacher
HOWELL Jodi Accounts Payable Officer
HUSK David Pastoral Learning Specialist, Maths / BOOST Teacher
IOANNOU Evagoras Science Teacher
ISTAR Melek Teacher Aide
JACOB Jancy Science Laboratory Technician
JANEVSKI David PE Teacher
JEWELL Corey College Principal
JOVCEVSKI Jovanka VET/VCAL Coordinator, VCAL Teacher
KANELLOS Marisa English / Humanities Teacher
KOSTANDINIDIS Louba Teacher Aide
KOTSOPOULOS Rebecca Year 9 Student Manager, English / Humanities Teacher
KOTSOPOULOS Sam Humanities Key Learning Area Leader, Humanities Teacher
KUMAR Pardeep Maths / Science Teacher
LABIGANG Luc IT Specialist Technician
LADNJAK Mario Year 11 Student Manager, Maths / Science Teacher
LAIRD Samantha Year 7 Student Manager, Maths / Science Teacher
LAL Bas Maths / Science Teacher
LEOS Peter Humanities Teacher
LILIKAKIS Mary-Anne Pedagogy Leader, Digitech / Humanities Teacher
LISTER Amanda Science Teacher
LORD Amy PE / Science Teacher
MARANGOS Olivia Humanities Teacher
MATZKE Simon Programs Support, Food Technology Teacher
MCDONALD Michael Year 10 Student Manager, Maths Teacher
MEAD Esther Science Teacher
MERCADO Issac Schools Publication Coordinator, Arts Teacher
MITROVSKA Lena Food Technology Assistant
MOORE Sarah SRC / Leadership Support, Humanities Teacher
MURCOTT Steven Year 9 Student Manager, Maths / HPE TeacherTeacher
MUSTAFOVSKI Rami Year 8 Student Manager, Science / HPE Teacher
NEDANIS Dijana Food Technology Assistant
NGUYEN Hazel LOTE Teacher
NGUYEN Thao Maths Teacher
NORMAN Kate Curriculum Leader, English Teacher
PANTON Michael Music Teacher
PAPAMANOS Anthea Art Teacher
PHAL Anushka Student Welfare Councillor
PETROVSKA Lilly High Potential Learning Program Coordinator, English / Humanities Teacher
POPOVSKA Anica LOTE / Humanities Teacher
RADFORD Kirralee H&PE Key Learning Area Leader, English / HPE Teacher
RAZA Sakina Science Teacher
RICCO Helen Languages Key Learning Area Leader, LOTE / Humanities Teacher
RICHARDSON Nikki Art Teacher
RIITANO Daniella Year 12 Student Manager, Maths Teacher
RUSSO Carla Maths Teacher
RUSSO Sam Science Key Learning Area Leader, Science Teacher
RYAN Carly Humanities Teacher
RYAN Julie Assistant Principal Years 9&10
SAKELLARIS Christine VET / VCAL Coordinator, VCAL / LOTE Teacher
SALEEM Aroona EAL Aide
SAPWELL Tahnee English Teacher
SCOTT Tim Humanities Teacher
SIMPSON Joshua Year 7 & 8 Sub School Leader, HPE Teacher
SIMPSON Sari English Teacher
SIRYANI Lana Art Teacher
SNOWBALL Mary Reporting & Assessment, Data Manager
STIPCEVIC Maria Arts Key Learning Area Leader, Arts Teacher
SUMMERS Alison Arts Teacher
SWALLOW Adrian Groundsperson
TATRAY Eva LOTE / Music Teacher
TEMPONE Matthew Science Teacher
TRAJKOVIC Adriana Year 8 Student Manager, Food Technology Teacher
TSOLAKIDIS Maria English Key Learning Area Leader, VCAL / Humanities Teacher
WILKINSON Tony Year 10 Student Manager, Maths / HPE Teacher
XANTHOS Irene Teacher Aide
YANG Rainda Digitech Teacher
YORUR Fulya Teacher Aide
ZAEKIS Laz Student Wellbeing Leader
ZAKHAROV Martin Music Teacher
ZDRAVESKA Zaklina Year 12 Student Manager, Maths Teacher