What a wonderful feeling to be back after the holiday period with all of our students back on site!


It was a pleasure to welcome back our Middle Years students initially with a modified return to school program that aimed to ease the transition into a new academic year by getting students in touch with their wellbeing needs and giving them opportunities to connect with each other and their teachers in their classrooms. I thank all staff who designed and delivered the program so effectively to our students. Please see below for a list of the ethos, vision statement and mission statement that each home group developed during the program. They demonstrate that students are ready for a great school year and have a clear set of goals as individual students, but also a collective goal to support each other in their home groups and year levels, to build a positive school community.


As I walk around the yard, I see that the majority of our students are in full school uniform. All students are expected to be in full school uniform. In particular, I bring your attention to our expectations around hair colour, nails, piercings and jewellery.


  • Students are allowed one clear nasal piercing only
  • Jewellery is not to be visible
  • Unnatural hair colours and styles are not permitted (e.g. two tone hair or mohawks)
  • Artificial nails are not permitted for safety reasons. Clear nail polish.


It’s wonderful to see so many students wearing their uniform correctly and with pride.


Home Group Statements from the Return to School Program


Year 9

9A Ethos: To have a successful and positive year.

9A Mission Statement: Students in 9A to receive the most academic awards.

9A Vision Statement: To respect and help each other.


9B Ethos: Graduate and succeed

9B Mission Statement: Students in 9B will graduate and achieve good grades while showing respect to each other and everyone in the school environment.

9B Vision Statement: They will achieve this by working hard, cultivating qualities such as respect, honesty and loyalty


9C Ethos: We want to be a successful class that has a strong year 2022.

9C Mission Statement: To be the best year 9 class that wins the most awards!

9C Vision Statement: To listen better, understand each other more and treat each other with respect.


9D Ethos: create a multicultural learning groups

9D Mission Statement: The class of 9D understands that all students deserve a right to learn at their own pace.

9D Vision Statement: to listen and be respectful of others and how they learn


9E Ethos: Create a culture of learning and friendship

9E Mission Statement: Students of 9E will try their best to learn, while making friends throughout their schooling career

9E Vision Statement: We will achieve this by listening attentively and showing respect to our class-mates.


9F Ethos:

9F Mission Statement: Students in 9F will work hard to learn and achieve to the best of their ability and work together

9F Vision Statement: We will achieve this by listening respectfully to one another and our teachers, helping each other and creating a safe working environment.


9G Ethos: Students of 9G will create an environment that is welcoming and fun

9G Mission Statement: To pass the school year and complete all assessment tasks

9G Vision Statement: 9G students will work to the best of their ability and show respect to their teachers and their peers to achieve their results


9H Ethos: Highest academic achievements

9H Mission Statement: Students of 9H will achieve the best academic achievements possible including individual personal growth

9H Vision Statement: Students will pay attention in class and study hard


9I Ethos: Highest of standards both academically and socially.

9I Mission Statement: Students of 9I are striving to achieve the highest standard of academics, relationships, and enjoyment.

9I Vision Statement: This will be achieved by focusing in class. Bringing effort, and building relationships with all members of the class to create a great culture.


Year 10

10A Ethos: To be remembered as a united, happy and respectful class.

10A Mission Statement: To learn and grow as people while having fun.

10A Vision Statement: We will achieve this through strong communication, being real and staying focussed on our goals.


10B Ethos: To be remembered as a happy and friendly classroom

10B Mission Statement: We want to achieve better results in our subjects and to have fun in learning

10B Vision Statement: to work together and respect each other


10C Ethos: To be remembered as individuals who always will give their 110 percent

10C Mission Statement: To be the best versions of ourselves. So as to achieve our goals.

10C Vision Statement: We are going to work together collectively to achieve success individually and as a group.


10D Ethos: We will achieve anything if we try our hardest

10D Mission Statement: we want to all achieve high scores and do well at school

10D Vision Statement: that we were a good class


10E Ethos: Do our very best, maintain a sense of humour and, above all, have fun on the journey.

10E Mission Statement: Create a positive learning environment where we all have the opportunity to achieve our very best. We want to establish a supportive network amongst ourselves and our teachers.

10E Vision Statement: We will exercise the college values, respect the college rules and the student code of conduct. We will focus on being good role models for our junior school peers.


10F Ethos: We work together to be undefeated

10F Mission Statement: To have a good time all the time while achieving our goals.

10F Vision Statement: We will learn and grow together while following our school values.


10G Ethos: We will be the most comedic and lively homegroup

10G Mission Statement: We aim to pass our classes and our exams, respect each other and have fun. We will support each other and receive support from our teachers.

10G Vision Statement: We will work hard, study, maintain organisation, and ask for help. We will


10H Ethos: We are intelligent, cooperative, hard working, friendly, ambitious and fun.

10H Mission Statement: We aim to build diverse community, try new experiences, to strive to achieve success, to make friends, to identify our strengths and weaknesses and to learn.

10H Vision Statement: We will achieve success and community by cooperating with each other, by helping and respecting one another and being focussed.



Julie Ryan

Assistant Principal

Middle School