The study of various components of the humanities is offered from Year 7-12 at Lalor Secondary College.

The study of Humanities (Geography, History, Economics and Civics is compulsory from Year 7-10. In these years, students will be exposed to many ideas including endangered species, climate change, geographical interconnections, conflict, leadership, civics, ancient and medieval societies, Australian settlement, Australian Federation, business management, economics, personal finance, marketing and legal studies.

The Humanities faculty has been implementing the Australian Curriculum for Humanities, across all subjects offered from Year 7 to 10.

Electives are offered in the Humanities Key Learning Area for Year 10 students. These include The Global Citizen, Cold War History, Rivalry, Power and Passion (History), Business Practice, Commerce (Commerce) and Juvenile Justice (Legal Studies). These are designed to cater for students who have a passion for the Humanities and wish to hone their skills in the years prior to senior study.

We have many Humanities options from which to choose at VCE. These include Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Legal Studies, History, Geography, Global Politics and Sociology. We have students and teachers who are passionate about their academic pursuits in the Humanities and strive to achieve their best every day.

This passion is supported throughout students’ time at Lalor Secondary College through the use of interactive classroom activities, incursions and excursions.

Some of the activities that are offered to students of the humanities include fieldwork trips for Geography, including studying coastal environments, rainforests, animals in captivity and urban environments; excursions and incursions in History, such as visits to the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Medieval Day, and interacting with archaeologists and ancient artefacts; Commerce offers voluntary participation in the Australian Stock Exchange Game and Legal Studies excursions to prisons and law courts, as well as participation in the Constitutional Convention.