Maths Differentiated Program

Since 2011, Lalor Secondary College has implemented a differentiated Mathematics program for students in Year 7 through to Year 10.

Students in Years 7 to 10 have experienced improved outcomes.

The program is designed to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to achieve success whilst developing and enhancing their Mathematical skills and concepts. This will also provide students with solid foundations for future achievement.

  • To allow for this differentiation, students are in ‘blocked’ classes on the timetable.
  • All students are tested prior to major content areas and then grouped according to their skill level.
  • Teacher judgment and recommendation may also be called upon during this process.
  • To ensure all student individual needs are met, specific content will be determined by the needs relevant to their skill base.

Vertical movement between groupings is consistently done and teachers regularly communicate regarding such movement at the completion of each topic.

Numeracy Support Program

The Numeracy Support Program is an essential component of this Maths Differentiated Program.

The Numeracy support program is designed to allow all students to achieve success at whatever level of Mathematics they are capable of achieving.

With a higher level of support being offered and basic numeracy skills being studied in a more hands on way throughout the year, the aim of the program is to both improve numeracy skills and develop student confidence in Mathematics.

The method of using the Maths skills in real life situations helps the students not only understand what skills they need to improve in but can be reinforced with practice at home.

The course is designed to allow reintegration into the main stream Mathematics classes if gaps in knowledge have been bridged.