The philosophy of the Science Department is to develop a deep interest and positive attitude towards Science in our students. We believe that our students should become analytical thinkers with the ability to problem solve and to express ideas fluently and with confidence in a society which is becoming more and more science literate.

Teaching and Learning

Years 7-10 Science is based on the Victorian Curriculum, with the opportunity of choosing electives in Year 10 in the second semester. These electives are designed to provide students with an insight into Year 11 science subjects as well as to engage students in areas they are interested in.

Current Year 10 Core Electives include:

Chemistry: Students study the foundations of chemical principles and experiment with a variety of chemical reactions in the laboratory.

The Universe: Study interactions of matter focusing on the Big Bang theory, the evolution of the universe including the formation of stars, galaxies and planets.

Global Systems: Students will learn about sustainability, the cycles that support life and ecosystems and some of the climate change issues that are relevant today.

Genetics and Evolution: Students will have a greater understanding of inheritance of genes, mutations and genetic engineering. They will also explore evidence for evolution and how human selected artificial traits have changed evolutionary history.

Science students at Lalor Secondary College take part in a variety of in class activities and are assessed in diverse ways, including inquiry tasks and practical skills. The delivery of science is continually supported by the use of ICT in various forms including, data logging, multimedia, practical experiments, data analysis, research projects, oral presentations, class discussions, and computer simulations.

Our Science Centre

Opened in 2012, the Science centre offers three purpose-built laboratories and an open space learning area. The Science Centre allows staff to team teach and produce an environment which builds positive educational opportunities for our students.

Senior sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics have dedicated classroom laboratories to provide consistent learning spaces with the ability to complete practical work in conjunction with theoretical studies.


There are many opportunities to experience the different aspects of Science through excursions. Our science students visit:

  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Melbourne Museum
  • La Trobe University
  • Melbourne University
  • Victorian Space Science Education Centre
  • Serendip Sanctuary

Science week and the Science Club

The science staff at Lalor Secondary College are enthusiastic and committed to our philosophy and take part in the weekly science club activities where science concepts are explored further through fun activities for year 7 students during lunchtimes.