The Arts

The Arts program at Lalor Secondary College offers students a range of diverse Visual and Performing Arts subjects. Two core studies of Music and Art are offered at Year 7. At Year 8, Music and Art and Design are offered. At Year 9 and Year 10, students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Arts subjects which lead to VCE pathways.

Art Year 7

The Art program promotes imagination and creativity through a range of art forms. It introduces students to materials and techniques in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Students are encouraged to use a variety of starting points such as observation and research to explore artworks of traditional and contemporary artists.

Music Year 7

The Music Program in Year 7 introduces students to musical performance, appreciation and theory through a range of musical genres. Students listen to and discuss instruments of the orchestra whilst exploring the elements of music. They also explore how sound is made before making a recycled instrument of their own. Students develop basic music theory knowledge and apply this knowledge when using body percussion and a variety of instruments to perform.

Art Year 8

The Art and Design program fosters individuality and creativity by exploring themes that draw from the student’s personal experience. Practical tasks are focused on developing skills in the use of a range of materials and techniques. Students learn to analyse the artworks of traditional and contemporary artists and apply this knowledge to develop their own ideas. 

Music Year 8

The Music Program in Year 8 extends students prior knowledge of studying music through performance, appreciation and theory. Students continue to explore the elements of music and develop their knowledge of musical theory. They continue to develop technical skills on a range of instruments and body percussion to perform in groups or individually.

Arts Year 9

The Year 9 core choice Arts program enables students to choose to study from a wide range of Visual and Performing Arts subjects. These are 2D Art, 3D Art, Visual Communication Design, Drama, Dance, Film and Television, Music Expression Performance and Investigation. The Specialist subjects offered are Digital Design, Architecture, Art in Fashion and Electronic Music Production. Please refer to the Year 9 subject handbook for subject descriptions.

Arts Year 10

At Year 10, students interested in careers in the Arts  professions will find that undertaking the following subjects will serve as a useful introduction to the VCE studies of Theater Studies, Media, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Music Performance as well as some VET related courses. Subjects offered at Year 10 are Studio Arts, Dance, Drama, Media, Music Performance, Architecture, Photography, Visual Communication Design and The Commisioned Artist. Please refer to the Year 10 subject handbook for subject descriptions.

Arts at VCE

There are many Arts options from which to choose at VCE. These include Drama, Media, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design. Please refer to the VCE subject handbook for subject descriptions and pathways.


We have a dedicated Arts Team at Lalor Secondary College who strive to instil a sense of pride and passion, to students. This is evident by the ever-changing displays around the school and highlighted by Arts Week, usually held in Term Four. Student participation in extracurricular activities such as the Cultural Concert and the School Production is a feature of our college culture.

Instrumental Music Program

Structured instrumental music classes are offered in brass, woodwind, strings, guitar, keyboard, drums and voice. These lessons are available to all students from Year 7 to VCE and assist in broadening their skills as a musician. These are small group lessons designed to build student confidence that in turn showcases their talents be performing solo and in ensembles. For more information go to the Special Programs: Instrumental Music Page