On Monday 16 of October, the year 9 students traveled to the ‘Enchanted Gardens’ which was located in Arthurs Seat. Many students had the opportunity to tree surf.

The tree surfing course was gigantic! Many students completed all the levels while many students stopped at one. Each level seemed to get harder and harder by eventually leaving students to walk across a single rope of metal. The tree surfing was a very enjoyable experience and I’m sure plenty of students would do it again.

Even though some people didn’t do tree surfing, they had the opportunity to instead, go in multiple mazes and have multiple shots at the tub slides. There were many activities in between each maze, for example, the kid’s maze had many cardboard cut outs of animals and even had snakes and ladders which occupied us for quite a bit. The tub slides were very long sides which went very fast. The slide was very fun since water would splash on you and in some cases, help you go faster.

Overall even though it became very hot very quickly, the majority of the year 9 students had an amazing time. This was an excursion and experience that I don’t think we will ever forget.