Year 7 FT Classes 


The students were happy to be back cooking in the kitchen. They all enjoyed eating their moist ‘Chocolate Brownies’. We are looking forward to our final two weeks of Food Tech classes for 2020.






Cake Decorating 

During remote learning, our year 9 Cake Decorating class focused on our fondant skills. We created various figurines such as; elephants, roses, bows and converse shoes. Us students were keen on enhancing our decorating skills. Miss Popovska encouraged us to achieve our best at home.

Leila, Zoe and Alannah.






We are asking if your family could contribute a couple of your favourite recipes to be included in the LSC COMMUNITY COOKBOOK. It can be a main meal, dessert, cake, snack – whatever is your special secret recipe. It doesn’t need to be exceptional or complicated, just something your family loves to eat.

With the cultural diversity we have within our community we expect the results will be quite fabulous.

We would prefer to be able to include a photo of the finished result to go along with the recipe. A few of our families have already made a contributions after Mr Jewell made a call out for your help.

Our wonderful ART Team have volunteered to design a cover for our COOKBOOK. Whilst the Food Tech Team will go through all the recipes and place them into groups of Mains, Desserts and Breads/Pastries.

Keep sending those delicious recipes to Below is an example of what is expected.

You must include;


-Name and origin of the food

-A list of all the ingredients

-Step by step method

-Picture of the recipe

-Name of the family that has submitted the recipe

Thank you in advance.