I thank all members of our community for the positive start to 2022. There is a genuine optimism around the return to school for both teachers and students and we all see a positive future ahead. I ask that all families continue to stay in touch with the school by accessing Compass regularly. This will assist everyone in staying up to date with all news and Covid requirements including RA test collections.


I had the pleasure of attending the Year 12 Study Skills conference last Thursday the 3rd of February. The group were in good spirits when I arrived after 3 days of recreational activities and study skills information, but all reported that it was enjoyable and definitely worthwhile. I had the opportunity to do some Archery with the students and listen to Paralympian Don Elgin speak to the group whicj I hope inspired some of our students.  I would like to thank the group of teachers that attended over the duration of the conference, making the camp a success and especially our Year 12 student management team, Kat Carmody, Simon Hill and Zaklina Zdraveska who coordinated the experience for our students.

The Year 7 program is full of wonderful events commencing with the Year 7 start-up program over the first 5 days of school. This program allowed students to meet other students out of their home groups, teachers and community members. The Year 7 camp is just around the corner starting on Wednesday the 23rd of February and is the highlight of the year for those students who attend. I look forward to going up to the camp and enjoying the activities with the students. This is followed by Meet the Teacher on Monday the 28th of February when the College will open its doors and welcome all families of our new Year 7 students. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the teachers of their children and ask any questions they may have about their classes. On this evening the school will provide a halal BBQ. I h and parents will be able to enjoy some performances from our Arts students. I hope to see as many Year 7 families on this evening to enjoy the food and conversation.


Any family that may be experiencing financial difficulties in 2022 can seek assistance from the school by contacting the school business manager – Debbie Boyce. The school has a hardship fund that can be accessed by all members of the school community, and I encourage anybody who is having trouble supplying books, uniform or attending school events just to name a few, to contact Debbie and have a discussion on how to access this fund.



A reminder to all parents within the college that if your child has had an Anaphylactic reaction you are required to provide the school with an Individual ASCIA Action Plan as a well as an Auto-injector kit to the school. The schools Anaphylaxis management policy is on the school’s website for more information. If you are unsure of anything in this policy, please contact our school nurse Ms Rebecca Avramoski who will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the schools processes.


A reminder to all parents of some key events that are coming up on the schools calendar. The Lalor Secondary College Athletics Carnival will take place on Friday the 4th of March. Parents are invited to attend this event but must sign in at the gate prior to entering the venue. Parents are also reminded that there are 2 student free days coming up on the calendar. Tuesday the 22nd of February is our first Curriculum Day and Monday the 14th of March is the Labour Day public holiday. Both of these days are student free days. Parents will need to make alternate arrangements for care on both of these days.


The schools building works program continues forward with the demolition works on the multi-storey almost complete. This building will be finished in March. The tender for the building works and the commencement of the new buildings is to be sent out in the next fortnight. This will see the works likely commence in April this year.


If you have any queries or questions that you would like answered about the school or the information listed above, then please contact me at your earliest convenience.



Best regards,


Corey Jewell


College Principal