The Wellbeing Team acknowledges the importance of education for young people at its College; it also recognises the contribution and role happiness and wellbeing plays in achieving key learning outcomes and academic success.

The Wellbeing Team provides individual counselling and case management support to students for matters such as bullying, mental health issues, grief and loss, learning difficulties, workload and stress management, friendship problems, and general welfare support is also available.

The Wellbeing Team is available for consultation and can also assist with mediating conflict between students. Referrals to external support agencies and services are made where appropriate.

Make an Appointment

Students and families are welcome and encouraged to contact the Wellbeing Team to discuss specific needs or concerns. To make an appointment please call the school on 9463 7300 and ask to speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team.

Wellbeing Team Staff

Wellbeing Team Leader: Mr. Laz Zaekis
School Counsellor: Ms. Amanda Dipasquantonio

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The Team helps inform school policies and also play a pivotal role facilitating and delivering school based programs. Some of these programs include:

After School Homework (ASH) Support

The Wellbeing Team in partnership with The Smith Family and Whittlesea Community Connections coordinate a weekly after school homework program in the College Library Resource Centre. Trained tutors attend each session to provide assistance with work, whilst staff from the Wellbeing Team provide ongoing supervision and support. Students have access to computers, internet, text books and other library resources.

YOGA Thursdays

The YOGA Thursdays Program is open to all students  and staff. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in our community, not only for health and fitness, but also for sound mind and sense of confidence and wellbeing. The program aims to teach yoga to individuals and allow for growth and connecting people holistically; with a commitment to self-development, health and wellbeing.

Mindful Mondays

The Wellbeing Team in collaboration with Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DET) psychologists implemented a new lunch time Program for students in all year levels to assist with the various competing demands faced in adolescence. Some of the topics covered included: Positive Thinking; Nutrition; Sleep; Organisation; Encouraging Healthy / Active Lifestyles; Connecting with People and Meditation.

Pre-Orientation Program

The College runs a pre-orientation support program which aims to assist a selected group of prospective Year 7 students with their transition into secondary school. With the help of skilled student mentors, these Grade 6 students learn what it’s like to be a secondary student and familiarise themselves with the school grounds. It also gives students an opportunity to begin developing friendship with their peers and get to meet some of their teachers.