New Books for the Lalor Secondary College Resource Lists

Each year, towards the end of Semester Two, all students are provided with detailed Resource Lists.

These lists outline all of the required resources (eBooks, Textbooks & Stationery) that are required for individual subjects during each academic year. It is of vital importance that all students have the correct equipment to be able to be reach their maximum learning outcomes.

Many specialist subjects have very specific equipment that can only be purchased through this resource list, so it is essential that the students buy through our suppliers or the school directly.

 As in previous years, we are working closely with our school supplier, Campion, to ensure that our Resource Lists are detailed and that the appropriate resources can be provided to our students.

Please click the Campion icon below to order textbooks and resources:

Lalor Secondary College Resource Lists – Year 7-12


eBooks are available as alternative to traditional textbooks and as a digital resource in certain subjects and areas of study.

Novels and workbooks are not in eBook form.

Some VCE subjects have also opted not to offer eBooks as an additional choice. This involves predetermined textbooks, but not for novels, workbooks and some textbooks, and is dependent on subject requirements.

You also have the choice of purchasing either a hardcopy textbook or an eBook, where an eBook code is provided.

If you and your child choose to only purchase the eBook, then it must be purchased via the Campion website

A credit card payment is required to complete the transaction. All purchase instructions are clearly outlined on the Resource lists. The eBooks access code will be sent to parents via the email address provided upon online payment. There is no postage cost associated to eBook distribution.

This access code allows the eBook to be downloaded and must be treated in the same manner as a traditional textbook; that is, the eBook is to be brought to every class and every student must have it.

If an eBook only is purchased, then the student is responsible for ensuring that they have their device and they can access the text within the classroom; therefore, their device must be charged and able to be used.

Most eBooks are downloaded and many have additional web-based applications (such as interactive), so any device that can connect to the Internet will able to be used as a platform for the eBook.

Please note:

1) Under no circumstances are refunds available on the purchase of eBooks.

2) The same copyright laws as traditional textbooks also are in place to protect eBooks.

The abuse of the publisher’s digital rights is illegal and any student who reproduces or shares codes and/or downloads will be breaking the law, and therefore the school will apply the associated penalties or contact the associated authorities.

If you have any issues or queries relating to purchasing then please contact Campion directly or if you have general textbooks, eBooks or equipment enquiries, please feel free to contact the Lalor College office.

Second-hand Books

Lalor Secondary College has appointed Campion Education to manage the sale of second-hand books for parents and students. Please note, parents are free to make their own arrangements prior to the sell day. Participation in this is not compulsory. The sell day is provided to parents who wish to source second-hand books.

All books are sold at one price regardless of the condition.

Books can be purchased on the day for 66% of the retail price. Upon sale the owner of the book will receive 33% of the retail price (terms as set by Campion Education)

What You Need To Do

If you would like to offer your books for sale then please collect a registration pack from the school or from the website. This pack should include; a list of books that can be sold, including buy and sell prices, registration forms and book slips.


For all year levels, registration will take place on Thursday 7th December in the Senior Study Centre between 10 am and 1 pm.

Second-Hand Book Sale

For all year levels, the sale will take place on Thursday 7th December in the Senior Study Centre between 3.20 pm and 5 pm.

All terms and conditions are outlined in the parents’ information sheets in the downloadable information documents below:.