Our college has over 100 staff members working in areas of teaching, administration, student welfare, teaching support staff, grounds and maintenance support.

Below is a list of Key Staff members for Administrative and Student Management. To view a list of all college staff members.

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Key Administrative Staff

Position Name Email
College Principal Mr. Corey Jewell Corey.Jewell@education.vic.gov.au
Assistant Principal Year 7 – 8 Mr. Joshua Simpson Joshua.Simpson@education.vic.gov.au
Assistant Principal Year 9 – 10 Ms. Julie Ryan Julie.Ryan3@education.vic.gov.au
Assistant Principal Year 11 – 12 Ms. Laura Forster Laura.Forster@education.vic.gov.au
Business Manager / HR Ms. Debbie Boyce Debbie.Boyce@education.vic.gov.au
Curriculum Leader Ms. Lana Siryani Lana.Siryani@education.vic.gov.au
Pedagogy Leader Mr. Lucas Garth Lucas.Garth@education.vic.gov.au
Programs Leader Mr. Matthew Bullen Matt.Bullen@education.vic.gov.au
Strategic Operations Manager Mr. Theo Christou Theo.Christou@education.vic.gov.au
VM Coordinator Ms. Christine Sakellaris Chrisitne.Sakellaris@education.vic.gov.au
Year 7 – 8 Sub School Leader Ms. Samantha Pike Samantha.Pike@education.vic.gov.au
Year 9 – 10 Sub School Leader Ms. Mary-Anne Lilikakis  Mary-Anne.Lilikakis@education.vic.gov.au
Year 11 – 12 Sub School Leader Ms Kathryn Carmody Kathryn.Carmody@education.vic.gov.au

Key Support Staff

Position Name Email
Accounts Payable Officer Ms. Santina Tarzia Santina.Tarzia@education.vic.gov.au
Facilities Manager Mr. Steven Campbell Steven.Campbell@education.vic.gov.au
IT Service Desk Manager Mr. Michael Georgiopoulos Michael.Georgiopoulos@education.vic.gov.au
Student Attendance Officer Ms. Kayla Dugdale Kayla.Dugdale@education.vic.gov.au
Student Wellbeing Leader Mr. Laz Zaekis Laz.Zaekis@education.vic.gov.au