Lalor Secondary College is a high demand school. As a result, we have very clear enrolment guidelines to manage the enrolment procedures of students wishing to attend the college. We foster a culture of pride, achievement, caring, cooperation and honesty.

A condition of enrolment at Lalor Secondary College is adherence to the school rules and policies. The compulsory uniform policy for students encourages a sense of identity and pride in themselves and in the College.

Parents and students should review and become familiar with the school’s policies and expectations.


Attendance at all classes, including Home Group assembly, is compulsory. Regular punctual attendance is essential.

Parents are requested to ring the college and leave a message for the Attendance Officer on 9463-7371 whenever their child is absent from school. If no message is received, parents will be contacted by either a phone call or SMS. It is therefore important that the college always has the parents’ current contact details.

Following the absence, parents are requested to send a note to the Home Group Teacher confirming the dates and reasons for the absence. This note must be signed by the parent/guardian.

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