The Student Representative Council exists to provide opportunities for students to address the interests and concerns of students and to develop leadership skills. An Assistant Principal  acts as the coordinator/facilitator and guides students to self-manage their procedures and raised issues. Training in proper meeting procedure is provided and motions are put forward, debated and voted on. Minutes are taken and then reported to School Council where the President and Vice President of the SRC play an active role, including full voting rights. They will also play an active role in the Whittlesea Youth Leadership Cluster.

The SRC has 27 members and is made up according to the following composition:

Year 12

  • 2 School Captains,
  • 2 School Vice Captains,
  • 2 School Sport Captains,
  • 2 School Art Captains,
  • 4 Year 12 House Captains.

3 Members of each year level from Years 7 to 11.

The SRC expands the leadership capacity of students within the school and allows the activities organised throughout the year to be shared amongst more of the senior students.

The SRC works closely with the Whittlesea Youth Cluster, which allows them to be involved in a variety of activities throughout the community and in conjunction with other schools. Past activities have included the ‘Kids teaching Kids’ program that saw secondary school students involved with the cluster, running activities with the local primary schools, and a cluster breakfast with over 100 guests to celebrate youth week.

Moving forward the SRC will work to continually raise the profile of the SRC around the school and include a variety of initiatives into their program, including looking at establishing more student led clubs and run a number of student led forums around topics chosen by them.

SRC Representatives

Year 7

Jayden Chau, Zeynab El Youssef and Leonid Kostovski

Year 8

Deveraux Kalauni, Mariam Saleh and Sienna Milne

Year 9

Leila Hoblos, Allen Tran and Katerina Piromalis

Year 10

Jazzy Bullock, Ahmed Kouti and Niki Sangas

Year 11

Emily Jovanoska, Anastasia Apostopoulos and Hitarth Pitava

Year 12

School Captains: Nour Maqsodi and Lachlan Angelovski

Vice Captains: Anthony Apostopoulos and Olga Zaekis

Sports Captains: Dorothy Ah Fook and Milad Chakouf

Arts Captains: Kelly Le and Julide Ismail

House Captains

Dunlop : Sebastian Trinchi

Cowan : Olivia Cookson

Bradman : Alia Habib

Paterson : Cleopatra Ackovska