Conditions of Enrolment

Click here to download a 2019 application for Year 7 to 12 enrolment

We have very clear enrolment guidelines to manage the enrolment procedures of students wishing to attend the college.

The school has been granted an enrolment ceiling for Year 7 Enrolments by the Northern Metropolitan Region to assist in managing student enrolment from 2015 onwards.

Right of Entry

A student residing with a parent or legal guardian in the neighbourhood area has the right to attend Lalor Secondary College – “resident” is defined as living in a home that is:

  • Owned by the parent or legal guardian
  • Under purchase by the legal guardian
  • Leased for at least 12 months by the parent or legal guardian

(Evidence for the above may be required – for example a lease notice, rates notice or driver’s licence)

The term “legal guardian” is defined as a person who has full legal responsibility for the student, not a person with whom the student is staying for a period of time.

The term “the neighbourhood area”, as defined by the Department of Education and Training is the Secondary College that is nearest in a straight line from the student’s permanent residence.

For the purpose of determining distances, the General Office will be considered the college’s base point for enrolments.

Sibling and Family Claims

There is no automatic sibling claim but “wherever practical” a student should be enrolled at Lalor Secondary College if an older brother or sister, who lives permanently at the same address, attends the college.

There are no family claims for cousins and friends who may reside temporarily or permanently with Lalor Secondary College students.

2020 Year 6 to Year 7 Enrolment Timeline

For Students attending Government Primary Schools

Students attending Year 6 in a government primary school are provided with a transition package in April by their current Primary schools. Once the Application for Year 7 Placement Form is completed, parents return this to the primary school who will then forward it on to the secondary school listed as the first preference.

For Students attending Catholic and Independent Primary Schools

Parents of students attending Catholic and Independent primary schools in Year 6 can collect the Year 6 to Year 7 Transition: Application for Year 7 Placement 2020 form the general office or download the Application Form from the website.

This form needs to be submitted by 4 pm, 17 May 2020. Parents may email or post the completed Year 7 2020 Enrolment Inquiry Form directly to the Enrolments Officer, Lalor Secondary College, 118 David Street, Lalor 3075.

Priority of Enrolments For Year 7

Once Lalor Secondary College receives the Application for Year 7 Enrolment Inquiry Form, students are enrolled in the priority order listed below, which mirrors the Department of Education Placement Policy. Students will be enrolled for the following year in the following order.

  1. Students who reside in the neighbourhood area.
  2. Students who reside permanently at the same address as an older sibling already attending Lalor Secondary College.
  3. Students who are currently enrolled in a significant feeder primary school and who live outside the neighbourhood area will, where possible, be enrolled with their peers.

If necessary, the College enrolment policy will seek to redress gender imbalance where one gender will represent more than 53% of the Year 7 population in any given year.