Our priority in these early transition years is to make the change from primary to secondary as smooth as possible, building on the skills from their primary years and continuing to ignite the child’s desire to learn.

All students are encouraged to become independent learners and participate in regular self-reflections. At Lalor Secondary College we emphasise Literacy and Numeracy and the use of information and communication technologies across all key learning areas of the curriculum. Good study habits, regular homework and pride in achievement are continually encouraged and rewarded.

At each Year level, we acknowledge the differing emphasis for a successful Middle Years Program.

Year 7 – ‘A Time to Change’

In Year 7 the curriculum that students undertake is core (common to all) and provides students with a ‘taste’ of all that the college has to offer. We actively support the students through the change from the primary to the secondary environment and associated structures.

Year 8 – ‘A Time to Build’

In Year 8 we again run a core curriculum. This is designed to support the foundations from Year 7 and to build on their existing levels of knowledge and skills. In this manner, all students are provided with a deeper level of understanding of the key elements of the core program.

Year 9 – ‘A Time to Explore’

In Year 9 there is a core curriculum, however, this is complemented by a wide choice of specialist subjects. Students are empowered to explore opportunities at this time that will develop their different individual needs and interests. This will also support specific learning goals and career pathways.

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