Curriculum News

A very big welcome back to everyone for 2021. I thought this might be a good opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kate Norman and I am the Curriculum Leader at Lalor Secondary College. I predominantly teach English, but my main responsibility is to ensure that the school is following the guidelines provided to us by the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority). The VCAA provide us with all of the documents that explain the skills and knowledge that must be covered in the classroom. It is a big job!

For me it is always exciting to see our students returning for the beginning of the New Year and for our staff the first day is also busy and exciting. This year the staff had an opportunity to go over our planning for the year and expand some of our own teaching practice. If you ever wondered what teachers do on a Curriculum Day you’ll see all of us in the picture below learning about reading and literacy strategies that will help us support our students. It reminds us that we are all learners and are sharing in the process of education.

This year there are a lot of exciting developments in our curriculum. We will be piloting an Inquiry Program at Year 8, we are supporting the roll out of the Year 7 Laptop Program and we will be taking a really good look at the Humanities curriculum to ensure we are delivering the most engaging and effective program we can at Lalor Secondary College. I will endeavor to keep updating throughout the year so that the whole school can share in these exciting new programs ahead.



Ms Kate Norman – Curriculum Leader