Year 7 and 8 students had to:

Design and construct a DRAGSTER motorised vehicle. It is powered by a small electric motor

Using Tinker Cad for 3D drafting .Creating unique Key rings with of various designs.

Year 9 Product Design

This project provides an opportunity to apply the first key steps in the engineering design process (concept to first prototype) design and build a functional furniture with unique constraints.

Student completed design using Tinker Cad and used resin infill

Year 10 Mechatronics and Engineering


I would like to  share student success in Design Technology –Mechatronic and Engineering .By completing this Inquiry based project students learned about soldering,circuits, Picaxe programming and infrarad sensors, building skills and knowledge in both mechanical and electrical application.

Awesome work -IALI

Design Technology –Mechatronic and Engineering Year 10

Introduction to digital manufacturing process and Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software to design a race car.Engaging students in inquriy based learning to create new models or to improve idea, identify problems and provide possible solutions,work in collaboration and reflect on individual ideas. Thanks to everyone in class for fanastic work -IALI